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Clout Check 101

Higher is better. Your Clout Score represents your influence and popularity on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. The clout score is based on an attribute in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph. A higher score indicates greater visibility and impact in your online community.

Higher is Better

Example Scores

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Note: Some names may trigger historical figures and people who don't operate active social media profiles.

"Score does not reflect a moral judgement on the part of the author."

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  • What is Clout Check?
    Clout Check web app is a feature provided by that allows users to input their name, Twitter, and LinkedIn information to calculate their clout score based on their importance in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.
  • How does Clout Check Work?
    The Clout Check web app uses the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to analyze the user's connections and linkages within the graph. By evaluating these connections, it calculates a clout score, which is a measure of the user's popularity and influence on social media platforms.
  • How do I use Clout Check?
    To use the Clout Check web app, simply enter your name, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile URL into the designated fields. The web app will then process your data and provide you with a clout score based on your importance in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.
  • What is the Importance metric in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph?
    The importance metric in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph is a relative measure of popularity ranging from 0 (least popular) to 100 (most popular). It helps determine the significance of entities within the graph based on their linkages and connections.
  • How do I improve my clout?
    To improve your clout score, it's essential to enhance your visibility and connections on social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. By using's AI-powered tools, you can craft engaging replies and comments that resonate with your audience, leading to increased interactions and stronger connections. Sharing valuable content, participating in relevant discussions, and actively engaging with others will contribute to boosting your importance in the Diffbot Knowledge Graph, ultimately resulting in a higher clout score. Try it here:
  • Is my personal information secure when using Clout Check?
    Yes, your personal information is secure when using the Clout Check web app. We value your privacy and ensure that your data is protected and not shared with any third parties without your consent. However, a query will be made through Diffbot's API to calculate your clout score.
  • Is Clout Check free?
    Clout Check is free.
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